October Rental and Updates

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October rentals and updates
Brian & Debbie Bureau, Advanced Realty Bureau, LLC

Hello to all our owners!

We had a beautiful October and a great month for rentals!

Thank you for your understanding with a few days of delay in closing the month out, especially for those on Direct Deposit who are use to having the monies in their account by the 1st or 2nd of the month. We have a great number of owners making the upgrade to flat screens, so we needed to transfer their income to cover the upgrades prior to closing the month. That process took a little longer than we originally planned, but the good news is most units will have flat screens installed by year end. Only a small number left to make this transition. It makes such a difference in the condos and our guests really notice these upgrades. So Thank you for making this investment into your unit.

We truly believe with new owners coming on board for the clubhouse and golf course and both US Opens coming next year, 2014 will be a really good year. With that being said, for an update on new ownership for Little River!

They hope a contract will be finalized and close by end of year. There have been 3 groups making bids on the property, but the potential buyer who is involved with the development of the Little River village was told he was top bidder, so hopefully he will have the final contract really soon! According to him, they want everything closed by December 19th! We will continue to keep you posted.

If this truly happens by end of year, I believe you will hear a big scream of excitement coming from us, all the way from Little River…..LOL!!

We know everyone is aware of the holiday season and the time of year when things slow down quite a bit. We continue to market to reach more extended stay and we know for sure once we have new ownership we can begin to go after more corporate groups and additional groups that book during off season.

We have had a few calls concerning the annual meeting. I know the board is working on scheduling a date for this and CAS will definitely send out a notice with the date and time!

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions at all, we always look forward to hearing from our owners!

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!
Debbie Bureau – 910-603-5569, Debbie@ringthepines.com
Brian Bureau – 910-690-8512, bbureau@nc.rr.com
Debbie & Brian Bureau

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